Police nab notorious shoplifter ‘Mafia Siam’

PHUTUMWAN police last night (Oct. 22) arrested notorious shoplifter dubbed “Mafia Siam” who confessed to having stolen a brand-name jacket worth over 10,000 baht from a boutique in Siam Square because he did not have enough money to pay for it, INN News reported.

It turns out that “Mafia Siam” is actually a Laotian by the name of Viraphong Inthawong who says he himself is in the garment trade and came to Bangkok’s Patunam market to buy clothes to sell in his country.

Because he had been previously arrested in slipped into Thailand by boat at Nong Khai and then took a bus to Bangkok.

However Viraphong told police that he will not now return to Thailand again.

The owner of the boutique admitted that the sales staff also slipped up because they let Virapong leave the shop to make a phone call outside and even removed the bar-code for him to do so.

However the owner pointed out that Virapong was trusted because he had previously bought a hat from them.


Top: A CCTV image of “Mafia Siam” who stole a brand-name jacket from a Siam Square boutique last week. Photo: INN News