Police open safety centre during Songkran

80,000 officers will be on duty during the Songkran period in Thailand. Police General Damrongsak Kittiprapas the deputy police chief and related officers reported on 8 April 2022 at the Royal Thai Police Headquarters. There will be a police center to help prevent and reduce road accidents that rise during the Songkran period. There is also a new campaign called “7 days 7 videos, 70,000”. The campaign promotes citizens to help watch out for road accident causes. There will be over 80,000 police officers working during the big celebration period. These officers are ready to help citizens travel back home to reunite with their families. 



Safety measures are in place to help limit accidents by enforcing traffic rules. 18,371 officers will be on standby at traffic stops, 12,139 officers will be working at alcohol checkpoints, 9,670 will be ready for emergency traffic accident response, and the remaining officers will help investigate and check for traffic causes. The officers will continue working through the 7-day period. The centre starts operating right away until the Songkran period ends. Police will help maintain road safety for citizens traveling back home. Police have helped fix traffic causes such as road bumps and construction areas that may lead to accidents. 418 areas across the nation have been cleared for the Songkran period. In the case of an accident, emergency response teams are ready 24/7 with the proper equipment to provide immediate medical care and move vehicles to resume traffic. 



Special orders have been given to provide special routes to reduce traffic on roads entering and leaving Bangkok. There are some roads that big trucks with 10 wheels or more are not allowed to use during Songkran, this is to help traffic flow faster. Exceptions can be requested online at www.hwpdth.com. There will be 1,937 checkpoints to help provide traffic support, 1,430 alcohol checkpoints to measure alcohol levels, and 1,903 traffic patrol spots to help find those who are breaking traffic laws that can lead to road accidents. These checkpoints have started operation on the 4th and there will be enhanced operations during the 7-days of danger. All provinces have set traffic goals that are 5% less accidents compared to the last 3 Songkran periods. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Over 80,000 police officers will be on duty during the Songkran period in Thailand.


Source: Khaosod