Police raid drug money laundering firm

POLICE  raided a money exchange company in Pratunam area of Bangkok today (May 17) after uncovering evidence the firm laundered money for five big drug networks, Thai News Agency said.

Police said this company charged 0.8% to launder drug money into both cash and gold.

Pol Gen Suwira Songmetta, adviser level 10, took a team of police officers to raid this company after uncovering evidence that five big drug networks including those in Laos, Myanmar and other foreigners sent drugs to the three southern border provinces for transfer overseas.

The money was then deposited with this company to transfer overseas and also exchange into gold.

Police took a suspect, Mrs Sirikai Kulawat or Che Ming, into custody after previously arresting her husband, Yosawat Weerachaisapaksiri or Hia Nont, as the first suspect in this case. They had obtained a search warrant from from Southern Bangkok Criminal Court to search the company in Pratunam.


Top: Police raiding the money exchange company in Pratunam this morning. Photo: Thai News Agency


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