Police raid restaurant with strange menu

POLICE raided a restaurant in Town in Town area of the capital which secretly bought, cooked and served up protected wildlife to Chinese tourists, Thai News Agency said tody (August 10).

The raid on Luang Toto restaurant in Town in Town area of Wang Thonglang district was mounted by Patrol and Special Operation Division (191), Tourist and Natural Resources and Environmental Crimes Suppression police together with officials of this district after they got complaints that protected animals were being cooked for Chinese tourists there.

Pickled protected animals

A search of the premises found 21 Thai snapping turtles, a tortoise, two rat snakes, a pangolin and two jars holding pickled cobra heads and a few more holding the rest of the snake’s body.

While the ground floor of the restaurant was arranged as a restaurant, there was a pond and cages to hold these animals at the rear of the first floor.

The restaurant’s owner, Cha Mu Sae Hyi, admitted that he bought various animals from traders when Chinese clients placed an order for a strange menu and also admitted to have been buying and cooking these protected animals for seven to eight years now.

Police are initially proceeding with a case on trading and keeping protected wildlife without permission for distribution and cooking.


Top: One of the strange dishes served at Luang Toto restaurant. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: Police point to the  jars holding pickled cobra heads and body. Photo: Thai News Agency


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