Police smash gang smuggling Ice by sea

THREE members of a Hells Angels gang have be arrested for attempting to smuggle Ice (crystal methamphetamine) into Thailand by sea, INN News reported today (Dec. 12).

Pol. Lt. Gen. Veerapong Chuengphakdi, acting special adviser at the National Police headquarters, told the press that Mr.Luke Joshua Cook, an Australian, Mrs Kanyarat Vetchpitak, a Thai, and Mr.Tyler Joseph Fullton Sheen Gerard, an American, have been arrested after lengthy investigations, which began on June 22, 2015, after 4 gunny bags with 50 kilograms of Ice were found at Mae Ramphueng beach in eastern Rayong province.

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Police found out that Cook and Kanyrat received 10 million US dollars from Mr. Wayne, a former member of Hells Angels Thailand who lived in Pattaya, to collect 500 kilograms of Ice in the middle of the ocean, with this to be hidden in Thailand and later sent to Australia.

Police added that Cook and his group took a yacht to get the Ice from a container ship in the middle of the ocean and brought it back to Thai waters between Rayong and Sattahip in Chonburi.

However they ran into a Thai guard ship and panicked, so flung the Ice into the sea and returned to the shore.

Cook’s failure displeased Wayne who demanded that he refund him for the damage, which then led to Cook murdering him.

Police later found out that Cook and his group had fled to Sa Kaeo province where he was arrested.

Assets which are believed to have been obtained through the drug trade were seized, with these being a house, a condominium, luxury cars, big bike motorcycles, cash in US and Australian dollar denominations and guns worth over 30 million baht.


Top: Senior police officers announcing this big drug bust today. Photo: INN News

In-text:Photos of the drug suspects and the yacht they used on a police board. Photo: INN News