Police sting nets young female pimp

AN 18-year-old female pimp who is a member of  Mae Hong Son’s “owl tattoo” prostitution gang and has over 10 underage girls working for her has been arrested in Chiang Mai, Thai News Agency reported this morning (May 18).

Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division (ATPD) police together with investigators from San Kamphaeng police station arrested the 18-year-old suspect and seized her mobile phone on the charges of human trafficking and prostituting girls under 18 years of age whether they are willing to do so or not.

Her arrested followed a 6-month long investigation of the “owl tattoo” prostitution gang having spread its network from Mae Hong Son to Chiang Mai after a senior police sergeant and 7 others were sentenced to lengthy prison terms last year.

Some of the underage girls were allegedly branded with an owl tattoo to show they were part of the prostitution ring.

Police said this suspect is a big-time pimp and has over 10 girls aged between 15 to 18 years working for her.

After infiltrating the gang, police negotiated the service of 3 girls who were to meet them at a San Kamphaeng hotel. At the appointed time the 3 of them showed up, 2 aged 15 years, and one over 16, with one of them having an owl tattoo on her chest.

They were taken into custody and told police that they had been working as prostitutes for over a year now and the fee for their service was 1,000 baht a session, with the pimp keeping 300 baht. They added that they served from 3 to 5 clients a day.

They were all sent to a child care center in Chiang Mai and investigation is continuing to arrest all the clients who used their service.


Top: Police questioning the suspect at her house in Chiang Mai yesterday. Photo: Thai News Agency