Police told to watch groups stirring up the masses

POLICE nationwide have received an urgent letter to watch the behavior of certain groups of people who are stirring up the masses to prevent any incidents, INN News reported last evening (Nov. 14).

Pol. Gen. Dejnarong Suthicharnbancha, the deputy national police chief, said the urgent letter to all units to monitor these groups followed the receiving of information that they are trying to stir up the masses and aim to drive out this government.

In this circular police were told to watch out and ensure that everything is orderly.

The letter says some people and groups are making moves to influence and provoke the general public and their networks by hiding the truth and are doing this in public places, villages, subdistricts and via print and online media.

Their goal is to shake this government’s stability and they are working on expanding their networks as they wait for an opportune moment to drive out this government.

These groups are active both within the country and overseas.


Top: Pol. Gen. Dejnarong briefing the press about certain groups which are trying to create trouble. Photo: INN News