Policeman saves boy from raging flood torrents

A POLICEMAN at Khao Koh mountain resort in north-central Petchabun province bravely saved a boy from drowning in fierce torrents of forest runoff yesterday, INN News said today (Oct. 22).

Pol.  Lt. Prasert Somroop, a deputy inspector at Khao Koh police station, said it was a life or death moment when he plunged into the fiercely flowing canal to rescue the approximately 11 years old boy who was clinging to a log after powerful waves pushed him off the middle of a flooded steel bridge where he was standing with a few other boys.

His friends called for help after he fell into the dangerous canal but the frightened villagers only called the police station for help so Pol.  Lt. Prasert went there to do his best.

He tied a rope around his waist and plunged into the raging torrents and managed to tie another rope around the boy’s waist and pulled him to safety.

The boy said  in tears later that he was sure he was going to die but he still clung on to the log in the slim hope that someone would rescue him.


Top: The flooded steel bridge from which the boy plunged into the fiercely flowing canal. Photo: INN News