Policeman sees spirit of murdered Italian man in his dream

THE head of the police station in the district where an Italian man was murdered by his wife and her new husband last Sunday (Jan. 19) said the victim’s spirit appeared to him in his dream as if urging him to solve the case quickly, while DNA sample of the deceased man’s son confirmed that it was him, Sanook.com reported today (Jan. 25).

Police urged the murder victim’s wife, Ms Ruchira Klailamai, 38, who escaped with her new husband, Mr Amaury  Rigaud, 34, a French national, to surrender because her 2 children, from an earlier marriage to a Thai man from whom she had separated, now cannot sleep and refused to go to school, after the body of the Italian victim, Mr Giuseppe di Stephanie, 61, was found burnt in a jungle in Bung Narang district.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Thawatchai Muayanara, head of Phichit police, revealed that DNA test of samples of the murder victim and that of his son, Luca Di Stephanie, 33, had now confirmed his identity.

In chasing the suspects, Phichit, Region 6 and Tourist police investigators have teamed up to do so and are continuously gathering evidence, with it being likely that they would soon be caught, he added.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Thawatchai also said that the 2 suspects are linked to a group teenage drug addicts, and as they seem to be hooked on drugs, they would not be able to hide from police for long.

There is also a strange development with Giuseppe di Stephanie’s spirit appearing in the dream of Pol. Col. Chaisathien Maneechak, the head of Bung Narang police station, 2 nights in a row.

While Pol. Col. Chaisathien does not completely believe in this sort of supernatural happenings, he related that in the dream Giuseppe was crying and wailing when he was being murdered.

While not knowing whether this is true or not, he is taking it as a signal to quickly solve the murder case as the suspects have yet to be caught.


Top: A policeman shows the 2 suspects’ photo on his mobile photo. Photo: Sanook.com