Policemen rush to get a haircut after being ordered to do so

POLICEMEN at the National Police headquarters hurriedly got their hair cut short at the barber shop within the compound after being ordered to do so, Thai News Agency reported today (Nov. 17).

National Police Chief Pol Gen. Chakthip Chaijinda today issued an order for policemen to tidily cut their hair short in accordance with regulations for good discipline and this led to a long line at Asawin barber shop at the rear of the building.

Pol. Cpl. Kittiphob Banyawong, one of the policemen who got their hair cut today, said normally the Police Chief would check their grooming every 15 days and keeping their hair short boosts their image in carrying out their duties.

Well-groomed short hair shows that police are fully ready and disciplined and policemen also feel better when they meet the Police Chief, he said, adding he would like to encourage fellow policemen to improve their image this way too.


Top: A policeman getting his hair cut at Asawin barber shop. Photo: Thai News Agency