Policemen shunted out for drinking in uniform

TWO traffic policemen in northern Chiang Mai city have been transferred to the headquarters after a photo of them drinking beer in uniform went viral yesterday (Nov. 25), Sanook.com reported today.

According to the post accompanying the photo, the 2 traffic policemen were seen surrounded by a jug and some bottles of beer in a restaurant after escorting a convoy of tuk-tuks, or auto rickshaws, full of tourists around the city.

This led to the publishing of a post on the Chiang Mai police Facebook page saying that the policemen in the photo were found to be real not fake officers, and that they have been ordered to give an explanation to the head of their traffic police group today.

At the same time an investigation committee has been set up to ascertain the facts, after which report to higher authorities.


Top: The photo of  the 2 Chiang Mai traffic policemen drinking in uniform. Photo: Sanook.com