Poll: Majority didn’t read current Constitution

SUPER Poll says over 80% of Thai people never read the contents in the current Constitution, although almost all Thais knew that today, December 10, is the Constitution Day.

According to Thai PBS, the finding was based on its interviews with 1,145 people during December 6-10.

Super Poll said 91.9% of the respondents knew that today, or December 10, is the Constitution Day.

But what is worrisome is that 81.5% of them never read the contents of the Constitution.

Besides, Super Poll revealed that 35.8% of the respondents it interviewed recalled what they first heard about the Constitution was only news of conflicts, during the drafting process, between political groups and members of the National Legislative Assembly, and the Constitution Drafting Commission.

But 32.7% said the Constitution would be of benefit to the country’s wealth, stability and  sustainability, while 12.4% said they knew the Constitution would allow more participation by the people.

Only 11.4% said the charter has several articles that will benefit all without bias.


Top: Constitution drafting committee chairman Meechai Ruchupan (partly hidden) holds up a copy of the current Constitution. Photo: Thai PBS




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