Powerful storms destroy over 100 houses in Phichit

THE North is still reeling from the impact of bad weather with destructive thunderstorms and fierce winds destroying over a hundred houses in five villages in Phichit province today (May 7), Thai News Agency said.

The severe storms in Phichit’s Sak Lek district also knocked down over 50 power poles and this leading to a blackout in the whole area. Felled trees blocked the roads triggering bad traffic jams and tailbacks.Storm blows roof away in Phichit

Meanwhile Thai Meteorological Department urged people in the North to avoid being in the open air particularly not take shelter under trees or flimsily strung up hoardings because this region will be rocked powerful thunderstorms and strong winds today (May 7).

Over the next 24 hours some areas in the North will continue to be hit by summer thunderstorms and gusty winds. However while these storms are decreasing in the Northeast, East, Central and Southern regions, there will continue to be showers in some areas.

Where Bangkok is concerned there will be isolated thundershowers today with this continuing during May 8-13. . Minimum temperature is 25-26 °C while maximum temperature is 32-35 °C and southeasterly wind 10-30 km/hr.


Top: A big tree knocked down by today’s storms blocks a road in Phichit. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: Parts of the roof of this house in Phichit was blown away by fierce winds. Photo: Thai News Agency




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