Premchai, driver deny bribery charge

ITALIAN-Thai Development Plc President Premchai  Karnasuta and his driver, Mr Yong Dodkrueng, today (March 20) denied the charge of bribing officials in connection with their being arrested for hunting protected wildlife early last month, INN News reported.

Deputy National Police Chief Pol. Gen. Siwara Rangsiprammanakul said after questioning the suspects that he stated the bribery charge as police had completed questioning witnesses and found that they had together committed this offence.

However, the 2 suspects denied the charge and said they will only speak in the court, he mentioned, adding that details to their statements today remained confidential as it may affect the case.

Pol. Gen. Siwara also said that he had previously stated other charges against Premchai alone.


He is also pushing police investigators at the Counter Corruption Division, Central Investigation Bureau, to conclude and send the case to the public prosecutors by March 30, together with charges of possessing weapons and African ivory tusks.

Regarding the African ivory tusks, police are waiting for information from the Customs Department about possibly dodging import taxes and if this is confirmed additional charges will be filed.


Top: Premchai at the police station today. Photo: INN News

In-text: Pol. Gen. Siwara after questioning Premchai today. Photo: INN News