Principle gives 10-year-old head injury, threatens to kill the boy.

A grandpa couldn’t take it anymore and decided to come to file a report with the police, the final straw was when the principal gave his 10-year-old grandson a head injury. The grandpa also stated that the principal threatened to beat his grandson to death and to eat the child’s liver with whiskey. Supon 83 years old the grandpa of a 10-year-old boy went to file a report at the Sanom Police Station in Surin Province, Sanook News Team in Surin reported.


Supon reported to the police that the principal called his grandson in for a talk in his room, he ended up giving the young boy several hits behind the head and arms, so bad that the boy ended up with a bleeding 10-centimeter head injury. Officials from the Provincial Social Development and Human Security Office and related officials went to inspect the school on 17 February 2020. A meeting took place with the school’s principle to which he admitted that the reports are true.


Supon stated that what happened to his grandson shouldn’t have happened in this day and age. This is his grandson, he would never lay a hand on the child. The incident has made him consider where to move his child. On the other hand, the principle stated that he hit the child because he couldn’t handle how the young boy was acting. Every day the boy would be called in to meet the principal at least 3 times. He was angry and told the child that he needed to get beaten to death and to eat the boy’s liver with whiskey. This scared the boy who didn’t come to school for 3 days.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


Nattanee Anusasnan an official stated that such a topic is very sensitive. The boy is young and he is still learning. No matter how much he is acting out there should be a better solution than violence. Parents should understand if the child prefers book study or sports and choose appropriately the school that matches the child. She hopes that the parents and the principle can find an agreement but the case will be dealt with according to law by the police.


FB Caption: He was angry and told the child that he needed to get beaten to death and to eat the boy’s liver with whiskey.


Source: Sanook