Probed mistress arrested for being partner in crime

December 23, 2017 – Police officers in Tha Sae district, Chumphon province, arrested Naruemon Chuaysombat aka “Sao”, a 23-year-old woman who is also an employee of the same Provincial Electricity Authority’s Langsuan branch as the alleged murder suspect “Keng” Ronnachai Panchart for helping her boyfriend with his premeditated murder.

She was also charged with 2 more accusations, illegal possession of firearms and carrying firearms in public without reasonable cause. She was alleged to have helped Keng in the purchase of a 7,000 baht gun, gave him the ride to Nontiya Kruajatturat’s home to kill her (his fiancée) in cold blood, and pick him up at from designated spot.

According to the provincial police commander Pol. Maj. Gen. Sonthichai Awattanakulthep, she also helped Keng in getting rid of his murder weapon, hence the 3 accusations charged.

At 10 am, December 23, the police from Salui Provincial Police station in Chumpon’s Tha Sae district took Naruemon from the station to Chumpon Provincial Court after 48 hours of interrogation. It was reported that Ms Naruemon had a passive facial expression which was very different from a very serious and anxious look she had when she was initially detained. The officials then put her on a 24-hour close watch on concern that she might commit suicide.

At 11.20 am when 3 police vehicles arrived at the Chumpon Provincial Court with Naruemon, her parents and relatives were waiting to give her moral support. They initially tried to bail her out but since they didn’t have the 600,000-baht cash for the bail required by the court, and the police was also prepared to oppose the bail, so Naruemon “Sao” had to spend her night in jail.

Her relatives complained about exaggerated news reported by some certain news agencies. They said that Sao’s family has never met Mr. Keng before and that the family was not a wealthy one. The relationship between Keng and Sao has never been acknowledged by the family. Sao’s parents also refused to give any interviews.

According to Pol. Maj.Gen. Sonthichai, when Keng made Naruemon his new girlfriend, he knew full well he and Nontiya “Por” were scheduled to wed on Dec. 24.

Keng had earlier tried to convince his fiancée  to cancel the wedding but ended up in a furious argument with Por repeatedly refusing to call off the wedding.

According to the police, about 1am on Tuesday, Sao dropped off Keng near Por’s home in Salui community hospital where she worked. Keng then quietly broke into Por’s room to find his fiancée sleeping with the television on.

The police said that the victim woke up in the dark and asked who was there and that was when Keng killed her instantly by a shot her in the chest. He then fled the scene, met up with Sao, threw away the weapon (later recovered by the police).

Por’s family claimed that 700,000-baht cash and gold weighing 10-baht went missing from the victim’s room.

Keng told the police earlier that, on that night, he was drunk and did not intend to kill Por. He also said that Por had followed him and his new girlfriend and repeatedly made threats against both of them.


Top: A police van driving Sao to the court yesterday.

By Piboon Awasdaruharote