Protective brother attacks 3 students bullies

An overprotective brother attacked 3 student bullies at his sister’s school. The sister came home one day venting to the brother about how she is being bullied by friends at school, the brother decided to take matters into his own hands. Ronadee 23 years old brought her 15-year-old sister and friends to come file a report at the Satun City Police Station on 21 September 2020. A 15-year-old girl, a 14-year-old boy, and a 13-year-old boy were attacked. Worawut 23-year-old had punched the students and smashed one of the students head on the road, this all took place inside the school in the main city of Satun Province. 


Investigation officials found Worawut and brought him in at the police station. The suspect also received a urine drug test to see whether he was on any illegal drugs. The suspect admitted to police that he attacked all 3 of the students. Although he claims the details were exaggerated because he never smashed anyone’s head on the road. Worawut was angry after hearing about his little sister being bullied at school. The suspect wishes to prove his innocence in court. 


The 15-year-old girl gave an interview to Sanook News Team stating that she was just playing with friends in school on Saturday. One of the friends included Worawut’s little sister. They were playing as usual teasing each other when it slowly turned into an argument. The group started arguing and started hitting each other while still on school grounds. The little sister cried and ran home to her big brother. 


Credit: Sanook


Not long after Worawut drove to the school and found all 3 students. The 15-year-old didn’t run away and remained where she was. The girl claims that Worawut punched her face, pulled her hair, and grabbed her head before smashing it into the road. The remaining 2 students also received injuries. After the attack, the suspect threatened the group to not file reports, or the next time he sees them they will all die. 


FB Caption: The big brother attacked 3 school bullies and he might’ve taken it too far. 


Source: INN News, Sanook