Protest against e-waste recycling plant

DISTRESSED locals of nearby Chachoengsao province staged a rally demanding the closure of an electronic waste recycling factory which has been polluting the air and water in their district with the owner also continuously expanding the plant, Thai  News Agency reported today (June 4, 2018).

Late this morning some locals rallied at Wat Khok Hua Khao in Phanom Sarakham district to urge concerned officials to hear their complaint and close the plant because they have had to cope with pollution from this factory, particularly foul air and bad-smelling water, with this pollution increasing everyday as the factory continues to expand.

District officials did later meet the protesters and mentioned that although this factory got a license to operate, no public hearing was ever held.


Top: Long-suffering Chachoengsao residents rallying against e-waste recycling factory this morning. Photo: Thai News Agency