Pub goers chased, shot at by guards

POLICE at southern Trang province are hunting for at least three guards who chased and shot at two fun-seekers after a quarrel at their pub, Thai News Agency said this afternoon (August 8)

The pub guards used a black sedan to pursue Choochit Choomchua and his friend who had left the pub in pickup truck after a quarrel had taken place within.

Mr Choochit, who was hit at his eyebrows, said the shooting continued even after he had parked his pickup truck in front of Trang Hospital to seek medical treatment forcing him to flee on foot.

Police said they are quickly gathering evidence against these guards and have also got security camera clips as evidence. As to the quarrel, they said this occurred among drinkers.


Top: The bullet-riddled pickup truck of the two pub goers who were attacked by guards. Photo: Thai  News Agency




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