Puzzling death of a foreign man in Pattaya

A FOREIGN biker was found dead on a road running around a Chonburi reservoir with his bicycle and shoes a few meters away, INN News reported this morning (April 25).

Pol Maj Nopadol Raksawong, an investigating officer at Nong Phrue police station in adjacent Chonburi province’s Bang Lamung district, rushed to Map Prachan reservoir together with rescuers after being informed of a foreign man being found dead there.

Upon getting there they found the foreigner, dressed in cycling outfit, lying prone on the ground. On him was a card stating his name, Mr Richard Walter Moll, 61, but not his nationality.

There was no sign of him having been attacked, but a little further away from spot where he lay was found a bicycle and a pair shoes plus the victim’s other belongings.

Police have sent the deceased man’s body to the Police Hospital to determine the cause of his death.


Top: The dead foreign biker lying on the grass next to the reservoir road. Photo: INN News

Below: The deceased man’s bike fallen next to the road. Photo: INN News