Rally to evict pistol-wielding deputy subdistrict chief

AROUND 200 Phang  Nga residents stage a rally to chase out a subdistrct administration organization (SEO) deputy chief who on Firday threatened officials with a pistol, INN News said today (Oct. 2).

Residents and officials of Thung Kha Ngok subdistrict of Muang Phang-nga district displayed placards during their rally against Ms Suree, the deputy SEO chief, who threatened subordinates with a pistol leading to two of them Ms Bupharat, 40, and Miss Chanwisa, 29, filing a police report against her.

They submitted a protest letter to the head of SEO Kamchorn Boonyaburi and to Suthinand Buaduang, a senior deputy at Muang Phang Nga office, but dispersed after being told that Ms Suree had been moved to the provincial office and the governor had been urged to set up a fact-finding committee.

Ms Chanwisa said Ms Suree came to the office with a weapon in her hand and started threatening officials who panicked and got frightened but the situation later eased up.

She added that Ms Suree was displeased with the paperwork and having to send papers authorizing payment to the residence to be signed which is against the regulations and this caused her to get stressed out.


Top: Phang Nga officials receiving a protest letter. Photo: INN News