Rape stats: 4,000 cases a year reported during 2009-2013

STATISTICS revealed by the Royal Thai Police show that during 2009 to 2013 an average of 4,000 rape cases were reported a year but the real total is estimated to be as high as 30,000 cases a year or one every 15 minutes, Thai News Agency said today (Sept. 5).

This means an astonishing 87% of rape cases were not reported each year during this period and suspects were arrested in average 2,400 cases a year.

The average of 4,000 rape cases a year during 2009-2013 works out to be a rape report being filed every two hours.

More alarming is however that the real total of around 30,000 rape cases works out to be one every 15 minutes.

However while in 2009 a total of 4,895 rape cases were reported and arrests were made in 2,457 cases, or around half of them, the total number of rape victims filing police report did drop thenceforth.

In 2010 a total of 4,400 cases of rape were filed; in 2011 the total was 3,800 cases; in 2012 it dropped further to 3,572 cases; and in 2013 slipped to 3,276 cases.


Top: Frankfurt version of the Scales of Justice. Photo: Michael Coghlan (CC-BY-SA-2.0)



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