Rayong badly flooded after hour-long heavy rain

A HEAVY hour-long downpour and strong winds lashed Rayong this morning leading to key roads in the city center and Ban Chang district getting flooded with floodwater higher than a meter in some areas, Thai News Agency said today (March 29).

With the floodwater not draining out fast enough, the water level was higher than a meter on Rayong-Thapma road in front of the new bus terminal and Plern Chai housing estate with small cars unable to pass through the area.

At Rayong shopping center and Chanudom road within Rayong municipality floodwater was 20-40 centimeters high and it was difficult to commute.

In Ban Chang district floodwater was 30 centimeters high on the stretch of Sukhumvit Road near Ruam Nutch housing estate. It is expected that the floodwater will drain out within three to four hours after it stops raining.


Top: A badly flooded road in Rayong city. Photo: Thai News Agency


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