Red light left broken for 3 days results in a road accident.

A red light was left broken for 3 days resulting in a road accident. Villagers are not happy after an accident involving 2 large trucks. The mess left behind by the accident blocked the whole road and no vehicles could pass through until it was cleaned up. Nayong Police in Trang Province received notification of an accident on 6 January 2023. A dirt truck crashed with a wood truck on the road and as a result wood covered the road. Officials went to the area and cleaned up the mess. The traffic was stuck as no vehicles could use the road. Adisorn the driver of the wood truck stated he had just picked up the wood from a factory located 3 kilometers from the accident location. 



The delivery destination is in Songkhla Province and he was driving as usual when he arrived at the intersection. He didn’t make it to the other side when the dirt truck crashed into him. Wood fell from his truck and covered the road within seconds. Suriya the dirt truck driver stated he picked up the dirt from a location named Nabod and was on his way to deliver the dirt at a location named Na Khao Sia. As he arrived at the intersection, he did not see the wood truck and the accident took place. Security camera showed that the right light at the intersection has been broken for 3 days. 



Officials responsible for the traffic lights in the area have not come to repair the red light. Villagers in the area have been relying on their own senses to stop at the intersection. It was an avoidable situation but because the light was left broken, the two trucks collided. Police temporarily closed down the road to clear the area. Both drivers have been delivered to the police station for further investigation. Hopefully this is a lesson to those responsible for traffic lights. These lights serve a purpose and help greatly in traffic organization and road safety. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Security footage show that the red light has been broken for 3 days. 


Source: Khaosod