Rescue officials screen movies for ghosts to see

IN an attempt to make ghosts happy some rescue officials in Chonburi last night pooled in money and screened three movies at a cemetery which they hoped would also bring them some good merit, Thai News Agency said today (June 6).

Starting 9 pm three movies were screened at Sawang Utthayan Sathantham cemetery where around 800 bodies of both those with relatives and those without are buried.

Movies for ghosts, one

At this cemetery there is a pavilion to place the dead body before burial and a shrine to worship but it was quite desolate and aside from the ghosts the humans who watched the movies included five rescue officials, four movies screeners and three construction workers.

The first film was based on a Chinese opera to pay homage to all that is holy which is protecting this cemetery and after that the films intended to be shown.

Movie for ghosts two

The human viewers noted that it rained very heavily the previous night and the cemetery had higher than a meter floodwater but by last night it had all drained out and it did not rain.

Prawet Limcharoen, 37, a rescue official, said he felt strange when passing this area and felt the cemetery should be taken care of and similar to humans ghosts would also sometimes like to watch movies.

Supot Panphadung, 39, said his friend consulted him and he advised him to follow through with his plan as it would create good merit and make those who are dead happy.

So they pooled in money to hire the screening of three movies at 6,000 baht but the owner cut the price to 4,000 baht to himself get some merit.


Top, inset and below: Movies being screened at Sawang Utthayan Sathantham cemetery last night with some humans who were watching them visible in the pictures. Photos: Thai News Agency

Movie for ghosts three


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