Resort knocked down despite warning of lawsuit

A 250-strong team of forestry and Petchabun provincial officials, police and soldiers moved in to demolish a resort at Phu Thap Boek despite a threat that a lawsuit would be filed if a court case proves that it was not located on forestland, INN News said today (July 24).

Leading the team in to dismantle the resort at Wat Bang subdistrict was Somluck Yoknoiwong, Lom Kao district chief, after a 30-day deadline plus a seven-day grace period had passed.

Somluck told the resort owner, Boontham Thongyod, that his team is going to demolish the resort and will be billing the cost to him later and this time the work was being done manually with no machines used as in the past.


He added that he hoped the work would be completed in two days.

However former Democrat MP from this province Yupharat Buainn together with the resort owner told Somluck that while they were not blocking the dismantling nor going against Section 44 of the interim constitution they did not agree with their action because they were in a process of appealing to the court to determine whether the land on which the resort was built is forestland.

The two of them added that they had aerial photos from the Royal Thai Survey Department and villagers also confirmed that they lived and worked here before it was declared forestland.


Top: Demolishing of a resort at Phu Thap Boek gets underway today. Photo: INN News



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