Restaurant owner holds wife and daughter hostage.

A restaurant owner held his wife and 5-year-old daughter hostage overnight in their own home. Villagers were frightened as the events took place. Officials were notified and were able to save the mother and child. The wife has been injured but the daughter is safe. Police Lieutenant Colonel Suplit Imerp from the Pawo Police Station in Tak Province received notification on 19 October 2022. Villagers called in after a man started acting out and multiple shots were made. The home is also used as a small store selling groceries and is located right next to the local municipality. Police and related officials went to the home right away. 



The incident started during the night of the 18th and both doors were locked shut. Chaiwat 47 years old the owner could not control himself. Officers believe he had made over 10 shots inside the home and the wife was injured. Through speaker police tried communicating with Chaiwat to come outside. No one answered and tensions were high, so officials surrounded the home. As morning arrived more police entered the area with equipment. An older relative of Chaiwat was contacted to help talk to the man but it did not work. Officials decided to climb over the fence and break in. Chaiwat was sleeping in his bedroom and was confused when he woke up. Chaiwat was arrested without anyone getting injured. 



The wife had injuries on her face and body, but the 5-year-old daughter was unharmed. Police searched the home and found a 9mm handgun with bullets They also found some explosives but did not find any drugs. Taworn Tuechiang the Huay Yalu Village Chief stated he received notification of gunshots from villagers. It came from inside Chaiwat’s home. Everyone knows this home as it is also a small grocery store. No one knew what was happening inside and they feared for the safety of the wife and daughter. Police suspect that Chaiwat was under the influence of drugs and lost control of himself. This is not the first time he has harmed his wife. He will get tested for drugs after he returns to his normal self. 



FB Caption: The wife had injuries on her face and body, but the 5-year-old daughter was unharmed.


Source: Khaosod