Retailers told to remove substandard goods right away

SHOPS selling substandard goods, particularly the 20 baht shops, got a stern warning to remove them right away or face legal action, Thai News Agency said today (August 10).

Pisit Rangsaritwutikul, secretary-general Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI), said his agency is concerned about the substandard products the public might be buying at both 20 baht shops and other general goods stores including those within department stores as these could be dangerous.

TISI has a list of 105 substandard products and examples of eight that are being sold at 20 baht shops are detergent, matches, toys, lighters, baby soothers, film to wrap food, solid alcohol used as fuel and crayons.

Such products can only be sold if they have a TISI stamp, he added.

TISI is asking for the cooperation of business operators to remove these substandard products from the shops right away because if not the agency would take legal action against them upon getting complaints from the public.

The punishment for producing or importing industrial products without a permit is maximum two years in jail and not more than 1 million baht fine or both while shops not following TISI standards face maximum one month jail or 5,000 to 50,000 baht fine or both.


Top: Thai Industrial Standards Institute secretary-general Pisit  Rangsaritwutikul (left) and deputy secretary-general Wanchai  Phanomchai talking to the press today. Photo: Thai News Agency



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