Road accident deaths soar this year

LATEST statistics compiled by the Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation show that road deaths are far higher than last year totaling over 12,000 persons compared to last year’s tally of 9,666,  Thai News Agency reported yesterday (Nov. 24).

Just focusing on passenger vans, statistics for the first 9 months show these were involved in 24 accidents a month on average.

Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation mentioned that those who died “at the scene of road accident” so far this year totaled 12,078 persons, compared to 9,666 who did so last year.

While statistics on road accident victims who died in hospital so far this year are  not available because the foundation has to wait till yearend to tally the figures, last year’s total is  22,356 persons.

According to Road Safety Policy Foundation, statistics of passenger van accidents show that these occurred 217 times in the first 9 months of this year, while last year’s total is 226.

These passenger van accidents led to 130 persons dying last year, and 107 in the first 9 months of this year.

Proven causes of road accidents mainly involve the maintenance of vehicles, with the key one being tires bursting,  fires, the driver being drowsy and speeding beyond the set limit.

Dr Taejing Siripanich, secretary general of Don’t Drive Drunk  Foundation, said Thai laws on traffic offenses are not appropriate with the drivers’ mindset also to blame.

Drivers here seem to think drink driving, using mobile phones while driving and breaking traffic laws are not something important, he said, adding they tend to forget that there are others on the road as well and this is what pushes the statistics higher.


Top: Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation Secretary-General Dr Taejing, left, and a bad accident at right. Photo: Thai News Agency