Robber burns school down for 500 THB.

A robber decided to burn a school down and managed to get away with just 500 THB. The robber left a note behind stating “I am sorry, I need money” and “I love the prime minister”. The fire took place at a small school in Buriram province. It is unknown how many people are involved in the crime. Whoever did this knew there were security cameras and destroyed the footage. Police Captain Suthi Dasi from the Phlapphla Chai District in Buriram received notification about a fire at the Wat Kok Charoen Temple School on 19 August 2022. Police and firefighters went to the school and were able to control the flames within 1 hour. 



One building was burnt down and inside were furniture, school equipment, and a gas tank. The firefighters were able to stop the fire before it spread to other buildings. Inside the building was substantially damaged. The floors and walls will need to be rebuilt and all furniture will need to be replaced. The suspect left behind a letter with 2 short sentences, “I love the Thai Prime Minister” and “I am sorry, I need money”. The letter is now in evidence to be used in the investigation and prosecution of the case. 



The doors inside the school have marks that show they were forced broken into. There is a pile of keys left behind. The keys belong to teachers desks and the robber attempted to open them. He was searching for money and managed to open a drawer with 500 THB inside. The whole building was burnt down for just 500 THB, the school will not be able to replace a single desk with that amount of money. Investigation police stated that a security camera was turned away. The server was wiped clean and 2 other cameras were removed and burned. This story proves that in desperate times, some will choose the worst methods to find money. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: This story proves that in desperate times, some will choose the worst methods to find money. 


Source: Khaosod