S Korean couple cheated 23M THB under Contractor Company.

A South Korean husband and wife were arrested after cheating 23 Million THB from a Thai family claiming that they owned a contractor company. The Korean couple agreed to do some construction and interior design for a home, they never completed the job with 23 Million THB paid via bank and cash over a period of 2 years.


Credit: INN News


Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang has given the order to track down the foreign criminals and foreign residents who are residing in Thailand illegally or those who have entered Thailand to perform illegal acts. The Immigration Office in Samut Prakan was notified by 2 victims of the Korean couple. The victims owned a house in Summit Windmill Golf Residence in Samut Prakan Province and have hired the Korean couple to build some construction work and to also re-decorate the interior design within their home.


The Korean couple informed the victims that they owned a contractor company in Thailand. After the deal was made, 2 years passed by, but the job was never completed. The contractor company would always pull the deadline away even though the amount of money as agreed had already been paid in full.


A total of 23 Million THB had been paid to the contractor company. After the Samut Prakan Immigration Office was involved the officials decided to investigate into the case. At first, the victims wanted to improve the design of their home, so they looked online for contractor companies.


Credit: INN News
Credit: INN News


When they discovered the company claimed to be owned by the Korean couple, the victims liked the designs displayed on the contractor’s company website showing the work that they had done in the past and contacted them. The information on the website seemed trustable and the victims decided to hire them for the job.


Turns out, the company was registered as a photography studio company. There had been no activity under the company’s history. The company was registered under the name of Jong Yoon Jong who was the sister of Jung Im Chul, the male suspect. The Korean couple had lied about the company and made up false information for the victims to believe leading to the 23M THB damage.


The Samut Prakan Immigration went to visit the home of the victims and discovered both of the suspects at the site. The male suspect, Jung Im Chul had no passport and no work permit. The female suspect, Kim Sooin had no work permit. Both were arrested and sent to the Bang Kaew Police Station in Samut Prakan Province.


FB Caption: The male suspect had no passport and no work permit while the female suspect had no work permit. Together they fooled the victims into believing that they owned a contractor company leading to 23M THB in damages.


Source: INN News