Sakon Nakhon Airport still badly flooded

ALTHOUGH it has now stopped raining in Sakon Nakhon municipality area the floodwater is still high with it being as high as 90 centimeters on the airport runway, Thai News Agency said today (July 29).

Floodwater has only dropped by six centimeters on the runway and it cannot be easily drained out because it is surrounded by water. The airport’s director-general and other executives were to go there this afternoon to estimate the damage and check the overall situation.

However flooding of roads around the airport has dropped but some stretches have eroded.

Residents at this northeastern city can today drive to Sakon Nakhon Hospital via Makro store route which is an improvement from yesterday when the hospital was only reachable by boat.

Officials from various foundations are traveling on flat-bottom boats to help residents of 43 communities evacuate from their homes. Some who had done so wanted to go back in to get their belongings but were urged not to as there were others, especially the elderly and the sick, who had to be brought out first.

At Muang District’s key Baan Thart Muang intersection which leads to the airport the flooding has receded after being swamped by an overflow of Huey Sai reservoir yesterday.


Top: Waist-high floodwater in  Sakon Nakhon city. Photo:



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