Samui bar owner found what might be “Whale Vomit” worth millions.

A bar owner in Koh Samui, Surat Thani province found a large chunk of yellow fatty substance while he was taking an evening walk by the beach. The large chunk has a high possibility that it might be “Whale Vomit” that could be worth millions of THB for such a heavy piece.


Credit: Sanook


Whale Vomit or “ambergris” is extremely rare and expensive, worth at least 100k per kilo. Whale Vomit is often referred to as floating gold, it has a waxy texture that melts when heated and is extremely smelly when it is still fresh. As time passes by, the whale vomit turns into a unique scent that is used in high-end perfumes. Whale vomit is becoming more rarer every day as it is a product of the sperm whale.


Bunyod Talaupara 44 years old is the owner of a local bar in Koh Samui. He was taking a walk on the beach about one year ago when he stumbled upon the large yellow waxy chunk on the beach. At first, he thought it might be melted wax left over from candles, but it had a much softer touch than traditional wax.



Bunyod stated that his sister who lives in Austria had told him previously about the value of whale vomit. He had an idea of what it might be so he decided to keep it for over a year. Many friends have called him after they heard the news to congratulate him if it does turn out to be what they think it is. Bunyod is in contact with a specialist from the Netherlands in Songkhla province who will come to verify whether the find is truly whale vomit.


Professor Thorn Thamrongnawasawad from the Faculty of Fisheries; Kasetsart University has come out and stated his opinion from looking at the pictures, there is a high possibility that it is, in fact, whale vomit from the sperm whale.


FB Caption: A local bar owner in Koh Samui was taking a walk on the beach about one year ago when he stumbled upon the large waxy chunk on the beach.


Source: Sanook