Scary cloud bank photo goes viral in Lampang

A SCARY photo of a huge dark cloud bank moving into Lampang is going viral in this northern province where it is raining continuously these days especially in the evening and at night, Matichon newspaper said today (June 15).

The photo was taken and shared online by Facebook user Nattika Kaewrakmuk and it elicited various comments with some saying it is a terrifying image while others compared to a tsunami rolling in.

The meteorological station here said during June 15-17 people across northern Thailand including Lampang should be careful of thunderstorms which will cover around 30 to 40 percent of the region.

This is occurring because a southwesterly monsoon is currently covering Andaman Sea while there is a low pressure cell across upper Vietnam and Tonkin Bay with this weather pattern meaning all of Thailand but particularly the north including Lampang face thunderstorms.



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