School principle steals cannabis tree and claims it was a mistake.

A school principal was caught stealing a cannabis tree from a car event. At first, he denied but was faced with security footage showing his actions. He then claimed it was all a mistake and it was not his intention to take the tree. The principle has a doctorate degree, and this incident will surely affect his reputation. The incident took place at a MotoGP event in Buriram Province. The Agriculture Administrative prepared 1,000 cannabis trees and stored it behind the office building for the event that will take place at the Chang International Circuit. The event is aimed to attract tourists and the cannabis trees were for educational purposes. 



Officers were keeping a close eye on the trees on 17 September 2022 as usual because they know there will be tourists from countries where cannabis is illegal. While the officers were trimming trees a black truck drove into the area. 5 came out of the truck and carried 1 tree into their vehicle without talking to any of the officers. Police were notified and they checked the security footage. In the footage the license plate was visible, so they searched and found the car belonged to a school principal at a well-known school in the province. An officer called the principle who responded very aggressively. The principle dared the officer to file a report with the police as he did not take any cannabis tree. 



The officer then informed him that there was video evidence. The principle stated, “I will return it, it is just one cannabis tree”. Damrong Plangklang an officer at the Province Agriculture Administrative stated that the trees all belong to the circuit. They have not filed a report and will not be doing so if the principle returns the tree. Khaosod News Team contacted the principle about the incident, and he stated “This is all a misunderstanding. I thought they were giving it away for free. I heard about it and went to get one. I will return it if I have some free time”. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The principle told the officer to file a report but claimed it was a mistake when he realized there was security footage. 


Source: Khaosod