Sedan flies into garage while rounding a curve

THE driver of a sedan who failed to clear a curve and instead flew into a repair garage where he hit 2 parked vehicles fled the scene before police arrived, reported today (June 14, 2018).

The hair-raising accident occurred in Mueang district of southern Trang province, and when police reached the scene they saw the white Honda parked on top of another navy blue sedan with the windshield of a pickup truck parked up front completely smashed.

The garage’s roof too had been damaged with pieces of shattered roof tiles scattered all around.

Police found the driver’s wallet in the car with his  ID card and driver’s license in it and these identified him as Pichairat, 34, a resident of this very province.

Police said they are chasing Pichairat to come in for questioning as to how this accident occurred, whether it was because he was drowsy or had had alcoholic drinks, and to pay the garage owner for repairs.

The accident shows that the driver came very fast to this curve and upon failing to round it, first hit the garage’s entrance before flying within and hitting pickup truck then falling on top of the other sedan.


Top and below: The scene of the hair-raising accident in Trang. Photos: