Shoes with strap colors similar to Thai flag slammed

TURNING into a hot issue in this country are photos of a pair of shoes posted on Vogue Paris website with the strap colors being similar to that of the Thai flag, reported today (Oct 13, 2018).

Displayed on the Vogue Paris webpage are images of this pair of Dsquared2 brand hybrid shoes which were part of the spring/summer 2019 collection with a model displaying them on the catwalk.

An accompanying message said that this year canvas shoes were the highlight at the Paris spring/summer 2019 fashion show with designers interpreting sneakers in a variety of unique and different ways.

Some Thais annoyed over this pair of shoes, with the straps being red, white and blue similar to the Thai flag, went and wrote angry messages in Thai at the website.

However other Thais say this is only shoe design and many countries have already made shoes with the colors of their flags without triggering a drama.


Top and below: The pair of hybrid shoes that has angered some Thais. Photos: AFP via

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