Shooting in restaurant, father is a police officer.

A police officer’s son gathered his friends and went shooting at a local restaurant in Trang Province. One of the shooters claimed an employee of the business shouted at him and this is his attempt at revenge. A total of 6 bullets were fired. The restaurant owner will be pressing charges, but the shooter is now asking for forgiveness. The Khaosod News team reported on 22 March 2021 about 3 men who attacked a BBQ restaurant in the main city of Trang Province. The Trang City Police went to inspect the restaurant.


Credit: Khaosod


Officials arrived to find employees still in shock. The security footage showed a White Toyota truck parked near the restaurant. 3 teenage men came out of the car, one of these men is the son of a local policeman in the province. The officer’s son was captured holding a gun before he started shooting into the sky as he walked into the building. The man then ran into the restaurant still holding a gun. A female employee who was cleaning saw the gun and ran into the kitchen behind the building. A man wearing white followed and was also holding another gun.


The group started to yell “who shouted at me” targeting a specific employee. Other employees tried to reason with the men. Suntorn Amornwiriyanon 35-year-old the restaurant owner walked out to meet the men and asked what was happening. The 3 men finally calmed down and left the business. The story went viral online shortly after it happened. The officer’s son attempted to offer 60,000 THB to the restaurant owner in exchange to end the issue. The owner insists that he will press charges, it has not been confirmed whether the 3 men have charges pressed against them.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The man believed an employee shouted at him, so he returned with guns and started shooting inside the restaurant.


Source: Khaosod