Shopping mall blasted over handling Pol Gen Salang’s body

PHOTOS of a shopping mall’s workers hurriedly moving former National Deputy Police Commander-in-Chief Salang Bunnag out of the premises after he jumped down from the 7th floor yesterday (Feb. 25) are going viral online today and attracted a lot of criticism, reported.

One photo shows him being carried out after being covered with a black cloth while another shows him being transported on an open pickup truck bed.

Netizens question whether this is the right way to help out, or is it that they are moving him out quickly so that shoppers do not panic, without considering about safety should he not be dead yet.

28279513_1070617106414813_3052499406814105077_n ran a comment by Tarach ProMedic who said that he understood all sides, he understood the mall’s management because if there is a dead body within the premises the customers would feel uneasy.

However, he asked whether there is a better way than quickly carrying the body, wrapped in a black cloth, on the back of a pickup truck with the full force of the heat on him.

He mentioned Article 199, which he said states that whoever secretly buries or conceals, moves or destroys a body to hide the cause of death should be careful as they could face not more than 1 year in jail or fine of not more than 20,000 baht or both.


Top and in-text: Pol Gen Salang being quickly moved out of the shopping mall in Nonthaburi after he jumped down from the 7th floor yesterday. Photos: