Siamese Rosewood found in Chanthaburi

Police Major General Wattana Yitun and other police officials from the Chanthaburi police force found millions worth of the Siamese Rosewood hidden in a rubber tree farm in Chanthaburi province.


Credit: Workpoint News
Credit: Workpoint News


The Siamese Rosewood (Dalbergia cochinchinensis Pierr) is a restricted and endangered wood under the Thai law, with punishments depending on the type of wood and the purpose of owning the wood can lead up to 20 years in prison.


The Police were notified by a secret agent that there has been a group of people moving illegal wood into the rubber tree farm located by the local temple Wat Pa Thamsuk in Nayamam district, Chanthaburi province. After receiving the notice, the police went to the area specified and found 6 men with Siamese Rosewood. They were cutting and carrying the Siamese Rosewood, as a preparation to change the form of the wood, and then selling it to buyers at the border.


When the men saw the police force enter the area, they all scattered and attempted to flee. While the 2 Thai men successfully ran away from the police, the 4 Cambodian suspects were not so lucky. The 4 suspects are 1. Korn Sodaloo 32 years old, 2. Kaew Rattana Nim 37 years old, 3. Suen Pi Sed 38 years old, and 4. Mian Guem 47 Years old.


The police notified those in the Gang Hang Maew Forest Protection and Development group to come to check the Siamese Rosewood found. The total count of wood included 42 big logs of wood and 16 pieces of wood that have already been cut. It is estimated that the wood is worth about 1 million baht if sold at the border.


The owner of the rubber tree farm was not present when the situation went down, the police are further investigation into whether or not the owner of the rubber tree farm has anything to do with the illegal wood, or has the knowledge of such.


The Cambodian workers stated that they were contacted by Thai men at the border to work in a fruit farm for 500 THB per day, they ended up carrying the wood and that they had only been working for 2 days before the police found them. The 4 foreign workers were charged with the possession of illegal wood without permission with the intention to hide and sell, while also being charged with working illegally in Thailand. The police are further investigating to find the 2 Thai men that ran away along with those who knew about the Siamese Rosewood found.


FB Caption: The wood found is worth millions.  


Source: Workpoint News