Singaporean and Indonesian arrested for selling weapons.

191 Police have arrested a Singaporean and Indonesian for selling weapons in Bangkok. Officials also found evidence including 24 guns. Police Colonel Piyarach Suparat from Special Operations reported the discovery of guns and war weapons. 191 Police seized the guns from 2 suspects named Bing from Singapore and Alden from Indonesia. The foreign suspects were arrested on 3 September 2020 as they have been selling weapons online and were operating from a Condo on Suthisan Road.

Investigation officials discovered a suspicious vehicle similar to a stolen vehicle. Bing claimed to be the owner of the car. When police asked to inspect the car Bing presented them with the car documents which turned out to be all fake. Officials arrested the man and asked to inspect his room. While police were watching the room, Alden walked into the room and left with a black bag. Alden placed the bag inside another car with a Chonburi License plate. Officials inspected which led to them finding the weapons. The 2 men were arrested and brought in for investigation.


Credit: INN News

The investigation revealed the men have a Singaporean boss named Prosper. The boss would give orders about the sales of the weapons through the chat application WeChat. There is a group chat where all customers are foreigners. The inquiries and sales of the weapons are in Chinese. The 2 suspects entered Thailand before 2019 and so far no Thais seem to be involved in the operation. After Bing was found by the police, Prosper heard about what happened and ordered Alden to move and get rid of all the weapons that were inside the room. As an exchange, Alden would receive 100,000 THB as payment by the boss. Officials also seized bank books for the investigation and to confirm whether Prosper the boss is also residing in Thailand.


Credit: INN News

FB Caption: After Bing was found by the police, Prosper heard about what happened and ordered Alden to get rid of the remaining weapons.

Source: INN News