Sister of wanted woman urges her to give up

THE sister of the wife of an Italian man who was murdered and his body burnt in Phichit province and who, together with her second French husband, are being hunted by the police urged her to give up and explain what happened, reported today (Jan. 23).

Police in this lower northern province said they are still chasing the two suspects, Ms Ruchira Klailamai, 38, and her second French husband Mr Amaury  Riccua, 34, who had escaped in a Toyota Yaris car, and Tourist Police had also come here to the collect information and evidence from the house.

The body of Ruchira’s first husband, Mr Giuseppe di Stephanie, was found in a forest at Bueng Na Rang district on Friday Jan. 19, but parts of an arm and the right leg remained unburned, and a tattoo on the right leg led to his identification.

Ruchira’s sister, Miss Somkid, said she contacted her on the day of the murder via Line messaging app and was told that she was bringing a westerner back to Phichit. However, after police came in to collect the evidence from the house she could not contact her again.


She added that her sister always introduced the foreigners she got together with to her.

She also mentioned that her sister was hot-tempered, but could control her moods, however if someone hurt here she would fiercely lash back.


Top: Officials inspect the site where Giuseppe di Stephanie’s body was found while inset is an image of Ruchira and Amaury. Photo: Matichon

In-text: Ruchira’s sister Somkid. Photo: