Sleepy burglar doses off in house owner’s bedroom

The air-conditioning was cool and 22-year-old Arthit Kinkuntod could not resist jumping on the wide bed after breaking into a house around 2 a.m.

After the break-in, he felt sleepy and entered one of the rooms, which is the bedroom of the daughter of the house owner, who is a policeman.

The policeman woke up in the morning and was surprised that the air-conditioner in his daughter’s bedroom was running.

“I was curious because my daughter had gone upcountry,” policeman Sakda Jiamprasert told the Thai-language daily Matichon. “My daughter never forgets to turn off her air-conditioner when she is away.”

Police officer Sakda peaked into his daughter’s bedroom and saw Arthit sound asleep on the bed. He called the police station and the thief was arrested.