Small child found walking on road alone at 2 am.

A small child was found walking alone on the road at 2 am holding a doll. The story was shared by a TikTok user named “appleuser52429588”. A video showed a recording from inside of a car showing the girl standing on the road in the dark. The woman was driving at night when she spotted the girl holding a doll. The woman stated “It was around 2 am when I saw the girl walking on the road, she almost reached the highway. The little girl seemed scared and I was shocked. I followed the girl in my car because I wanted to make sure she was safe”. 



“She seemed so scared and I was scared too as I was driving alone. I tried to ask her questions but she hasn’t learned to fully communicate yet. I told her to not be scared and that I would help take her home. The girl pointed towards where she came from. I called the police as there was no one around in the area. I waited beside her and called my boyfriend to come to sit with us. The police arrived after 30 minutes. We searched around and found her home”.



The girl had walked outside the home to follow her dad. The entrance door wasn’t locked. Her grandma also lived there but she was sleeping at the time. The girl innocently continued walking trying to find her dad. The woman decided to post the video in hopes to remind parents with young children to be careful. Children go missing every day and a small mistake such as forgetting to lock the door can lead to tragedies. The little girl was very lucky the kind woman found her. Who would have known what would happen if someone with bad intentions found the little girl? 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The little girl walked outside trying to find her dad while grandma was sleeping.


Source: Khaosod, TikTok user “appleuser52429588”.