Snake freed from Pattaya manhole cover

PATTAYA residents were startled when they saw a big snake stuck in a manhole cover on a Sukhumvit Road traffic island but fortunately officials and rescue workers managed to free the creature and later released it in the jungle, Thai News Agency said.

snake-stuck-in-pattaya-manhole-cover-2The yellow snake was almost two meters long with its diameter being eight centimeters, Sawangboriboon Thammasatharn foundation workers said.

The foundation’s workers alerted officials and skilled rescue workers after being informed about the reptile’s plight.  A team then rushed to the scene and spent sometime drilling and pulling up the one-meter by one-and-a-half-meter concrete manhole cover after which they carefully cut the PVC drain pipe to free the snake which was later released in the jungle far away from residential zone.


Top and inset: Officials and rescue workers working to free the snake stuck in a Pattaya manhole cover. Photos: Thai News Agency


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