Son accuses wealthy mother of stealing

A CASE which has been heavily criticized on Thai social media and in Uttaradit province involves a son and daughter-in-law filing a theft complaint against is his 82-year-old real mother, said today (June 22).

The elderly woman, Ms Chamrat (surname withheld), has acknowledged the complaint but police have so far failed to get her son and daughter-in-law to come in and negotiate.

However Pol Col Ditsadej Phatcharaphuwadol, head of Uttradit police station, said both sides confirmed that they would come in for talks on this case tomorrow after it had dragged on for two months.

Ms Chamrat’s daughter-in-law filed the theft complaint accusing her mother-in-law of having removed a cupboard and a table  from a shophouse where she had recently shut down her beauty parlor business and was moving to rent it out to a third party.

Surprisingly, the shophouse in fact belongs to Ms Chamrat who had allowed her daughter-in-law to operate her business there.

Sources said the real reason this couple is angry with Ms Chamrat is because she refused to share her wealth with them as this family is in fact quite wealthy.


Top: Uttaradit police discussing the family feud which is the talk of the town. Photo:





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