Son uses Government money to buy drugs.

A mother in Rayong Province went to file a report with the police. The mother wants officials to arrest the son and get him some help because she has been living in hell. Suchat Pasingchop the village chief in Moo 3, Klong Pun Sub-district, Kalang District received complaint on 14 March 2020 from villager asking to arrest her own son. She wanted him to receive the help he needs before things get worse. Noi 50 year old called the village chief stating her son who is 29 year old received government support money from the “We Win” program, a total of 5,000 THB. The son has no phone so he downloaded the wallet application onto her phone. The money was sent into the account and together they agreed it would be used to purchase necessary items inside the home.


One day the son came to her stating he wanted to borrow her phone to call a friend. The mother knew her own son and realized he was about to use the government money to change into cash and buy Yaba pills. There are persons offering 3,000 THB cash in exchange for the transfer of 5,000 THB from inside the app. The mother decided to keep the phone, but her son started threatening her. Noi told the son to get out of her house and to never call her mother again.


Noi revealed her son is seriously addicted to Yaba. The son has a child but does not take care of him. He always causes trouble relating to his drug problems. Noi wants nothing to do with her son and just wants the police to take him away. She hopes that being arrested will also help him get off the drugs. She loves the son but is also very sad from all the troubles caused by his addiction. Noi hopes that one day he will get off the drug and start working like a normal person.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The mother knew her own son and realized he was about to use the government money to buy Yaba pills.


Source: Sanook