Songkhla flood, 62 schools closed.

The flood situation in Songkhla Province is still heavy with 62 schools currently shut down. There is flooding in 7 districts and water levels are continuing to rise. Water from the Songkhla Lake and Patthalung Province all flowing into Songkhla is causing a wide range of effects on all areas affected. 86 schools in the province are all faced with the flood while 62 schools are temporarily closed down including Wat Pa Kad School in Singha Nakorn District, Wat Tha Hin School, and Wat Ku Koot School. Many of these schools are underwater with no plans to reopen until the water level starts to calm down.
Some schools are under at least 1 meter of water.


Credit: Sanook


This is the worst flood for Songkhla in 12 years, the last time was in 2005 in the major flood. In 6 districts tourists are warned not to swim in the ocean as heavy winds with RIP currents. Local fishermen have moved all boats out from the beach as fishing is not possible at this moment. Nakhon Si Thammarat is also flooded as 6 days of continuous rain has affected many Provinces in Southern Thailand. There are over 350 villages underwater in the province with almost 50,000 locals affected.


Water continues to flow towards the Maharak Nakhon Si Thammarat Hospital as medical personnel use sandbags to push the water away. Officials in the area are trying their best to block the water off from entering inside the hospital. A Facebook user named Revo Slim posted pictures of the flood inside the hospital, showing waves of water flowing through the hospital gate. Many roads in the province are blocked off by water with warnings for small vehicles to avoid the areas. This is another big battle for people in the south as at least 16,000 homes are underwater with villagers who don’t know where to go.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Many provinces in Southern Thailand are facing big floods.

Source: INN News, Sanook News