Songkhla Lake bungalows ‘definitely being dismantled’

AUTHORITIES in the southern city of Songkhla confirmed that all over-water bungalows used for homestay rentals at Koh Yor within Songkhla Lake have to be dismantled because they have clearly broken the law and are ruining the environment, Thai News Agency said today (June 21).

Thapakorn Boonkert, director of Songkhla Provincial Port Authority, said these over-water bungalows have encroached into Songkhla Lake but after they have been dismantled the owners could apply to rebuild them upon discussing the required changes.

Encroaching into the lake to build bungalows for homestay business has been going on for a long time and has slowly expanded with this impacting the lake’s environment. Moreover restaurants have also now cropped up and earth filled into the lake but the port authority is taking similar action with all of them.

An order was issued to dismantle twenty of these over-water bungalows in 2011 however so far nothing has been done, he said, adding that legal process is underway to dismantle 50 others.

Mr Thapakorn also mentioned that he has held talks with the owners many times after the Navigation Act in Thai Territorial Waters (No. 17) came into force to reach mutual understanding.

How the dismantling takes place depends on an appointed working committee consisiting of many parties. After that the required changes will be made according to the port authority’s plans.


Top: One of several over-water bungalows at Koh Yor in Songkhla Lake. Photo: Thai News Agency


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