Songkran Festival traffic wars, over 3,000 road cases so far.

Songkran is a holiday in Thailand celebrating the Thai New Year. This is also the year since Covid when tourists can visit the country and join in the water wars. People from all over the country, mainly Bangkok and other cities will return to their home province and visit their families. Because of this, the roads are dangerous due to high traffic. Because it is a celebration, there is also a significant increase in drunk drivers during this time. The Department of Probation has reported the number of road cases during the first 3 days of Songkran (11-13 April). The celebration takes place for 3 days but special precautions must be taken on the road for 7 days, also called the 7 Days of Danger in Thailand. 



Weerakit Hanpripat from the department stated there are currently 1,896 cases. Out of this number, most are DUI cases. There are 1,845 DUI cases, 4 driving negligently cases, and 47 cases relating to driving under the influence of drugs. Nonthaburi Province is in first place with the most DUI cases, followed by Bangkok and Roi Et Province. There is a high increase in DUI cases during the first 3 days of Songkran compared to 2022. There were 1,083 cases in 2022, this is an increase of 762 cases or 70.36%. There are traffic stops all across the nation to help increase road safety. 



There have been 437 road accidents on the 13th alone with 448 injured persons. The total number of deaths stands at 49. The most common vehicle involved in accidents are motorbikes at 79.51%. The leading cause of accidents is fast driving at 37.30% followed by drunk driving at 29.29%. There are 1,867 traffic stops during Songkran with 54,374 officials working. 351,984 have been stopped so far with 53,617 charges. 15,914 were driving without a license and 15,584 were not wearing helmets while on a motorbike. Over the period of 3 days from 11-13 April 2023, there have been 1,055 accidents with 1,064 injured persons, and 114 deaths. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: There is a 70% increase in drunk drivers compared to Songkran last year. 

Source: Khaosod